Anger is one of the most intense emotions. It is a piece of information, telling me clearly that something that is happening here and now needs my immediate attention. If it is an aggressive driver pushing his car into my lane I can easily let some steam off by cursing at him loudly. Anger supplies my body with a shot of energy so I can act and protect my boundaries and autonomy without any delay. An automatic reaction to anger may be really ugly, violent or at least unkind. Instinct to protect and survive is primitive and primal and it doesn’t care about manners or politeness. It will shout, kick and fight.

This kind of behaviour will not do in our highly civilized society; we can’t vent our anger whenever we feel like that. We have to control it to some extent. So we are trained to hide and suppress it. Methods we use for it are obviously not good enough because anger is leaking through all the polite and civilized talks. It is boiling under a lid of moral rules, diplomatic meetings and intellectual discussions. And when it manages to come out it is unstoppable and can hurt deeply.

Instead of acting on it or suppressing it we can choose the third way. Mindfulness and Inner Reconciliation can come to aid. Learning proper meditation allows us to create a safe space within us where we can witness this powerful emotion with benevolence and interest. We can just be with it, feel it and accept its presence totally. We can even enquire into its origin and integrate it into our being. Simply paying attention to anger may bring non-violent resolution. So learn meditation.


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