Your attention is the trophy. Everybody wants it. There are strategies and scientific stadies devoted to finding the best way of getting it. The reason for it is that there is so much on the market, and no product can be sold without catching your attention first. There is a virtual war for your attention. You are being bombarded with seducing and catching pictures, sounds and smells; with promises of paradise on earth, fun and entertainment from every possible angle. But can you give your attention to all that, all that outside reality that somebody else has created for you? What to choose, what is really worth your attention? How to recognize it?

So before you place this precious trophy somewhere in the outside world, maybe it is worth putting it as close as possible to yourself. Maybe instead of giving it away so cheaply, you can hold on to it for a moment. Use it on yourself, on what you really feel in your body, what you really want, what that whispering, subtle voice inside you is saying. Put your attention here and allow yourself to listen. It will show and tell you things that nobody else can. That's MEDITATION.



Meditation means to experience and feel environment without describing it and organizing it with thoughts.

It means to see the person next to you without creating judgment about her or him.

It means to smell the air around you without trying to find a memory of the similar smell.

It means to taste a fruit as if you have never done it before.

It means to listen to a melody without knowing the next tone of it.

It means to be aware of what your body senses without creating a story or a judgment about it, as if your mind went on vacations.

Allow your overworked thinking mind to have a holiday sometimes. LEARN MEDITATION

A plain has crashed, a school has been attacked, a boat has sunk. No chance to find anybody alive. The hope is gone.
In front of such a tragedy, what we feel is grief, fear, despair. How to cope with that? Is there any way of getting through it? The disaster may not touch us directly, but we are aware that it is a part of human life to experience this kind of happenings. It applies to everybody. So we also have other feelings connected to that: gratefulness that it hasn't touched us yet, fear that it could. This panic, despair and anxiety feel so bad and uncomfortable that the only thing we want to do with it is to cut it off, avoid it and remove it.
We look for a rational answer, rational explanation or some kind of distraction, diversion or tranquilizer. We escape into the stream of stories about the guilty, the victims and their families. The stories can multiply to an infinitive number. But does the story alleviate the pain and the anxiety we feel in the body? I am sure that we all have our own ways of coping with the uncomfortable, difficult feelings. I would like to suggest one more way of approaching them. Meditation! I admit that it takes some preparation and training to meditate on uncomfortable feelings, but there is a gentle way of learning that and it brings real compassion, forgiveness and liberation when it is done. LEARN MEDITATION.

Meditation is about feeling and allowing these feelings to be as they are even if they are uncomfortable. But we don't like discomfort and we turn to our intelligent mind for remedies to remove this poking feeling away. Sometimes we spend decades hoping that the mind, science or reasoning will take away that unpleasant feeling. Sometimes we put a layer of fat around our body to isolate us from that discomfort. Sometimes we push our bodies to extremity in sports and trainig not to feel that discomfort or we even get into addictions that can do the trick. But the bloody feeling is still here. Wouldn't it be much easier to go directly to that feeling, to feel it and to ask it why it is here. There is a way to do it with possibly little discomfort by using meditation as a tool. In meditation one can create a space, an environment of safety, compassion, acceptance and peace and in this environment that supressed feeling can come out easily, say what is has to say and simply go away without hurting anybody. Maybe it is worth to learn this technique. LEARN MEDITATION.

I had a cold recently; a common, unpleasant cold. I know the story of it, how it starts, the first symptoms, how it develops and all its stages. I do not like it, I get upset, irritated and angry that it is happening again. I am so careful avoiding draughts, freezing and lack of sleep. Still it is getting into me usually when I least want it. So here it is: the ordinary, common cold. My mind is doing everything to tell me what to do to shorten it, to trick it out of my body, to get rid of it. But I also have my training in meditation, so I approach this uncomfortable member of my life in a mindful way. I concentrate completely on the feeling; I put my attention on the headache, I move it to my swallen nostrils and sore throat...and I feel it, I sense what's going on there as if I never, ever had a cold before, as if it was a first ever experience of this strange state. And when I manage to approach my cold from that perspective I stop thinking about it, I allow it to be here, because the fact is that it is already here in my body. And I trust my body to cope with it, it knows what to do, it is prepared to heal in its own pace. I do not need to think about it and this action brings relief. One can meditate on a cold.

Mindfulness-"I FEEL therefore I AM". The state of not thinking, as if there were no memories, no words, no ideas; the state from before language, concepts, repetition of behavior. The only thing you know is what you feel, what you experience with your senses. It is very beneficial to your system. I can compare it to resetting a computer. It puts it back to normal. Worth trying! It is called MEDITATION.

Practice of meditation is changing my outlook on life and reality. The reality is something out there; it resists my plans, my expectations and intentions. I collide with it and am full of bruises. I always wanted to be safe and I was taught to believe that if I control the reality I will be safe. It proved to be misconception because I can't control everything and everybody. My intelligent, thinking mind is trying to be ahead of everything; it already made a note of all possible situations and behaviors and it is telling me what is going to happen and how I should act. The only problem is that quite often it doesn't work like that and disappointment caused by it feels like physical pain. Meditation helped me to discover that it isn't so important, so life-saving to know, to be in charge and in control. I am gaining a new attitude, an attitude of not-knowing, of being surprised and curious about things that are around the corner even if I walked that corner hundred times. If I pay attention to what is here and now I don't need to be a step ahead of the reality. I can concentrate on the experience of presence and not on my imaginary ideas about what awaits me there. I can accept not-knowing and I don't need to be afraid of it. I can allow myself to relax (a bit anyway) and watch what is actually happening, and behave accordingly. It doesn't mean that I will stop planning, it only means that if situation is not unfolding exactly as planned I can easily adjust, because I am not stack in my expectations and assumptions. MEDITATION has taught me that and I recognize a value of it.

Meditation is less thinking. What I mean by that is less judging, less comparing, assessing, planning, calculating, telling stories about yourself and others, worring, foreseeing, etc...There is nothing wrong with these processes, they are necessary but it happens that you are unable to control that stream of thoughts; you don't know how to stop it. Mindfulness meditation is a technique that allows you to regain control over your own mind and choose when to use it and when you want to let it rest. The way to do it is very simple: you need to redirect your attention to something else than thoughts, for example the pure experience of the here and now, namely your body and its actions: breathing and feeling with all the senses. What you feel, smell, touch, hear and taste without any assessment. It sounds extremely simple and almost banal and boring until you try to do it. The secret lies in doing. Learn meditation, do meditate and if you need help contact me.

-"Don't bother me with your advices and good intentions. I don't ask for it. I don't want it now. I am tired of your expectations and corrections. What I want is a piece of unconditional love, love which can accept me fully, as I am imperfect. Where can I find these rare goods? Can you tell me that?"


Meditation is a meeting with your-self. It is actually a very constructive meeting and a very different from the habitual one. At this meeting you are not going to listen to a stream of thoughts about the future and the past, the thoughts that you already know by heart so well; after all you have been repeating them for years now. No, this time you are going to listen and pay attention to the true you, as you are, without any judgment or corrections. Meditation is a place where you can finally admit to your-self your real feelings, your real fears and true desires without explaining, justifying or suppressing them. After all there is only one person who is going to hear all this: you. So for once you can admit and accept all this without consequences. We are not used to allowing ourselves so much honesty and free speech; we are not trained to be so accepting and loving to ourselves. But it is really wonderful to be able to do it sometimes in a safe environment, without suppressing it or taking it out on others. Meditation is a place and a process that allows it. Meditation is this safe and accepting dome where you can do it. LEARN MEDITATION

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