If you think about breakfast while showering; if you think about your children while visiting your parents and about you parents while you are with your children; if you think about your holiday while at work and about your work while you are on holiday, the truth is that you are not where your body is. It is not surprising that you are exhausted at the end of a day being at hundred places at the same time.


Meditation is experiential. What I mean by that is that you do it using your senses; you approach the reality by consciously feeling, hearing, testing, touching and seeing. It is not about reading, thinking and discussing what meditation is. It is about doing it with your body like any other activity, like dancing, swimming or walking. Of course it is very helpful and useful to approach it intellectually in the beginning. It will make it easier. But keep your focus on practicing. You will not learn swimming by reading books about it; you have to get into water one day. The practice is physical. Use your precious energy on doing not thinking. LEARN MEDITATION, or simply let it go, wait until a need for it will appear in your life. And if you need any help to learn it contact me.

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